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[split] E A Presley - RallyX report
Wait, I think I know...

Is this AATC Server we're talking about? Because AATC is Jo's private server, not officially part of the AA servers, and only a few people have rights there.

The best way to sort it out would be to save replays and report directly to JoRuss via PM.
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
nah, he's talking about rally server on events (Tuesday & Thursdays). Minutes before the race, when event starts, some functions turn off automatically (like you can stay on track and don't be sent to spectator mode, can exit from pits when cars are passing, etc) so maybe thats the problem
AA?| Energy'' [Image: isonline.kenblock30.gif]
Ahh, so it switches off kick/ban voting for the duration. But surely Limad commands must still work? I have no way of testing this, as I'm getting ready for work when the events are starting. Sad
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
multclass ... did get dovn... badly lagging...
Yeah, it looks like problems with our host RackService are comming back.
AA™| rane

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