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Black Ops II or Ghosts?
So I've finally upgraded to Win 7 on my home PC meaning I can play the new(er) CoD games, but only have the money for one of them at the moment. Therefore which should I get? Black Ops II or Ghosts? Bearing in mind my PC is 5 years old now as well Smile Or should I get something else entirely?

Cheers, gh.
black ops II is better (i think  8))
Idk, I've plaid blops 2 on xbox and it's ok for a FPS game, haven't plaid Ghosts tho. Friend owns it, it seems ok... I've been playing quite a bit CS:GO ranked lately (and I'm terrible at it) but it might be a little bit too serious?
Ghosts is the worst incarnation yet Hoggy; certainly as far as the PC goes.
Blops II is quite good, its the only one I bought all the extra maps for and still play regularly alongside CoD4.

I've just bought Titanfall, this is supposedly very good. Will install tonight and see what is what
Haven´t touched CoD games for years but lately played through Ghosts.. If you like going from A to B passing X,Y,Z while shooting "spawning" enemies - then its the game for you. Story was better than expected so would give it a 6/10. (I`m more of a sandbox shooter kind of guy..)
Like Counter-Strike, I like that game :3
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Thanks guys. BO II it is then. This has the added bonus of being the slightly older game meaning it should run better on my PC and it will be cheaper Smile

How you getting on with this GH?
I've only been playing the singleplayer so far, and have to say I agree with various comments online about it being a touch disappointing compared with previous games. Lots of cut-scenes where you can't do anything except watch, then a small amount of gameplay. Anyway, I'm hoping to get on with the multiplayer over the coming week as the rest of the family are away, so we'll see what that brings. Liking the varied weaponry, so I have hope Wink

It has a single player game....? lol
TBH I don't think I have looked at any SP since MW1. I only ever play multiplayer now

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