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Your LFS Username: nikkek
Offender's LFS Username: serin07 
Description of the incident:
Saw him first this morning using ghost hack. he left the server quite fast probably coz i was the only one racing, forgot to save replay. He came back after few hours, he had changed the driver name slightly so i didnt pay attention to him that much since i was driving myself, only after someone else said he used hack. New race started so didnt get the replay from previous one but i got this..
Replay / Screenshot link: serin.mpr - 126 KB
Replay timestamp(s):
just follow my cockpit
At start 0:20, knew he would try block/crash me so wanted to try overtake from left but same outcome  :Smile
at 1:47 patiently waits 15sec for me to come and does a fail attempt.  ;D
1:56 attempts to wallhack again but didnt have enough speed. Too bad i couldn't get replay of him actually succeeding in it, oh well..
Obviously targeting players. You claim he used a ghost hack but I'm sorry there's nothing we can do without a replay. He did try to get you on that corner, highlight try, he didn't actualyl make contact and he actually turned away from you a little bit as he got close, about to make contact so I'm still saying, he's likely a crasher, but obviously the replay you provided didn't show this. Also, the way wall hacks work is they let you through regardless of speed, we've seen people snail pace through barriers before trying to be sneaky.

I'm not taking action in this case as he didn't cause too much trouble. Thanks for you report, we'll keep an eye out.
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