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Sums up the day at GTI BLACKWOOD server.

I only did a few races today, but there was just people braking 100m before racing line, going wide when trying to attempt side by side racing, hitting each other a lot... and then Yoli (The Doctor) took a ban for himself lap 3 or 4 ? turn 1.

These days are very frustrating when everyone is not necessarily a crasher but just don't know how to race, and then some people are there just... wrecking... also had to ban a hacker today. Pff. Uploaded this too if anyone wonders why Yoli was banned (not by me tho)
We are a Demo community, not everybody is as pro as us as we've done it for so long but the majority of LFSers play for about a week or two and then leave. I was one of them back in 2012 Tongue
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I can't remember a time when we haven't had days like this. But then once in a while, the turning of the stars bring a time when everyone online is on a par with your ability and you have some epic races. Smile

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