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Membership Application - Joz [accepted]
LFS Account name: MrJonttu
Racing name: Joz
Desired racing name including the AS tag: AS™| Joz
To find your AA Airio stats, use !pi command while in-server
Number of laps on AA servers: 489
Your safety rating: 95 %
Your personal best(s): XFG = 1.34.09 s
XRG = 1.34.59 s

If you enjoy other classes (eg. Applying for GTi, but also racing RallyX) feel free to list them and their relevant records here too: I apply for GTi. I like rally too but I'm not that good in rally, I just enjoy it Smile

Any other personal data you want to share, e.g. why you want to join, your name, age, location, occupation, etc.: I'm relaxed 15 years old (soon 16) boy from Finland. I bought my s2 license in 1st October 2017, but I made my account in 6th August 2015, and been playing demo since that until I bought s2 license. I have been in team called Ricers. I want to join because I want to be part of this amazing racing community and possibly get some tips from other members and learn to drive faster. I try to keep the race as clean as I can, and I just want to have fun. I think having fun is the most important thing in gaming. Well then next something about my life. I am a car guy. Bmw is my favorite carbrand. First car I'm gonna buy is Bmw 320ci e46. I don't have any "sport" hobbies, but I play LFS and some other videogames in the freetime. I like deep house music and I like to listen to it when I'm racing/playing LFS. My friends say that I'm nice but most importantly funny Big Grin. In our friend group I'm the comedian. If you want to know me better, ask questions Smile. I don't have any other info in my head that I could remember now to write it down here Big Grin . See you on the servers :3
Hi dude, tnx for re-applying. I hope this time you will not just disappear Smile

You didn't mention your real name and it might help if you explain, why no response in an earlier application. Your stats are fine, although you are quite young. We did have some young members before, so that isn't really an issue, but we are a bit more careful now. In principle, I do not mind your application, so you have a green light from me.

Good luck.
AA™| rane
Hi, I just don't see any reason why I'd need to tell my real name Big Grin. I just don't like sharing my name with everyone. I can't really remember good why I just disappeared on my first application but I think it was something like I had a vacation away from home and after the vacation my motivation just ended and didn't even remember about the application. Sorry for not responding to the application.
Hi Joz, Rolleyes

have seen you on the server several times now. You attracted me kindly and try to drive clean. I think you are still a few laps away, but you are doing very well.
We will see if you are regularly on our server.

Good Luck Smile Tongue
It's quiet here :O. To show my activity (Big Grin) I'm gonna ask whats the minimum time to get accepted in AS? Was it 1 week or what?
The minimum time to get accepted is the order of seconds.
AA™| rane
Yes. Im supporting Joz, seems to be an fair and good` racer=)
Hi Joz, I'm pleased to say that your application has been approved. Congrats and welcome to the team Smile

You may wear AS team tag and car skin. For now, you have limad0 that will give you protection from the votes of other players. You may contribute in the report's section which will help progress through ranks. At limad3, the official invitation to AA occurs.

See you on track.
AA™| rane

Thank you for letting me in the team Smile I feel so amazing right now... Definitely going to see you on the track Big Grin

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