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Membership Application - Panno [accepted]
LFS Account name: RumPig
Racing name: Panno
Desired racing name including the AS tag:  AS™| Panno
Number of laps on AA servers: 1589 and climing
Driver Rank: Air Colonel 6800+
Your safety rating: 93.03% 
Your personal best(s): 
i hold a number of top 10 lap times as well as a few #1 laps with various cars and im getting faster with every session

Hello peeps glad to hear there is still postions open to join the team, For those who havent seen my introduction my name is peter (Panno in game) im 35 i live in australia, used to race local state rally and formula ford here in australia before i had childern now instead of race car i play with racing simulators  Tongue 
If accepted i highly look forward to climbing through the ranks, as ive stated in my Introduction thread if im on LFS im on the AA multiclass server I love it there i love the competitive aspect but evn more so i love the comradery and great sportmenship shared most people on there. Good times and good vibes its great. Heart

No hard feelings if im not accepted just thought i would give it a shot.
I look forward to reading your replys.
shout out too AA FireStarter and AS Mnot you guys are awesome  Big Grin
Hi Panno,

It ain't about being fast, it's all about being safe and having fun mate - being fast is just a bonus and bragging rights! Nice to see another upside down bloke @Vim you aren't alone! Tongue I'd love to give racing a go one day, most likely be with a motorcycle but that's just me. Those FormulaFords are essentially a lengthened MRT with a car engine! Small, fun, nimble - I'm only a tad envious. Big Grin

Why is it you would like to join us? Also, I'm just curious if you've had any other Simracing team experience / moderation experience (after all, you will be helping us keep our servers running smoothly)!

Best of luck Smile
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AA Member since 2012

Hi Peter, as you can see applications are closed down due to covid-19. Nah, I'm just messing with you, tnx for interest in our team and good words.

As of now, your application has been submitted successfully and your behavior will be closely monitored and evaluated during the following days/weeks. It helps to post some replays of suspicious drivers so that we can judge your police skills. You will be the first one who's applying for GTi section and driving at Multiclass server, that will be interesting.

Your stats are good I do not have any objections. Be patient and give some time for our members to get to know you and leave their thoughts. Feel free to update this post with any info you see fit.

See you on track and good luck.
AA™| rane
Thanks Rane,
lmao closed due too Covid-19 i nearly had a heart attack then : )
I couldnt see a section to apply for Multiclass membership so I just posted it in the GTi thread, I'll do my best and hopefully the rack service issues will ease and allow me to get some good clean races, cheers mate

Thanks Seven,
I didnt see your reply straight away, I'd like to join into the team for a few reasons first 1 being that i enjoy being apart of a team and yes ive been in a few on lfs (ADB + DsG drift teams) ( SO + ST cruise teams) but have never been in a grip team on LFS, secondly im online at different hours to most because im in a different time zone so i feel it would be great for the team to have someone in my time zone to monitor the server(s)

All goes well i'd be happy to upload any replays of bad sportsmenship etc to help keep the server safe and fun for everyone involved.

Cheers mate : )
You've been with SO? Blimey I remember when they first opened! Did you previously use another Nickname? I may well remember you as I was fairly active on TC myself between 2012-14 and in bursts between. Tongue

AA™| Seven of course was my name!

Good point about the reports Rane, for sure seeing your observations from user reports (as you'll know you frequently get abusive drivers on our servers!) will help your application and potential progression through the ranks massively. Maybe one day I'll be on LFS and we can go drifting too - not that I'm any prodigy!
[Image: Q9RJsZD.png]
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With the TC server Had the Tag's SO_Panno but was kicked due to inactivity (my PC died completely and my kids killed my G27 ) and i honestly cant remember what years exactly i was a member, but SO_BlackTop was one of the leaders that voted me in as a recruit and shortly after i made full membership he joined the TC crew and left street obsessions.

and as for replays im literally about to upload some regarding an abusive driver i just had on multiclass.
Unfortunatley my replays wont load on to the forum, its an mpr file but its telling me that its the wrong type of file for some reason so i have saved the report as a draft until i work out what ive done wrong or can get a replay from other players that were online at the time.
Sounds like you were on after I'd left for a while as I don't recall - BlackTop I used to know though!

Easiest way is to use Uppit, Mediafire or other such sharing sites - saves a bit of Forum load too but that's just me! Tongue
[Image: Q9RJsZD.png]
YouTube | Instagram | Seven Street Cycles
AA Member since 2012

Hey Panna,
You have a thumbs up from me, haven't had any issues with you when we were on the server. Would be a good addition to the team.
See you online!
Glad to see one aiming more on multiclass to pop in to demo side.
Met Panno few times on GTI server. Easy going, good aura, thumbs up!

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