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Missing out
Hi guys.
I,m sorry for missing out for this long time. I have been very ill. I contracted this terrible Covid19 virus, and it was close to bye bye for good. Luckily I,m better now, but still weak.
I don't know when I will be able to get back on track, but I will come on as soon as I can.
I hope you all are well and healthy, and PLEASE be very careful with this virus. I would not wish my worst enemy to go through what I have.
My best to you all.
H. Baker
Good to hear you're ok.
Don't think about lfs. Rest and get better!

Voice of paranoia in your home.
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Hi man, I'm very sorry to hear that you go it. Stay strong, I wish you a fast recovery, we are going nowhere so no worries Smile
AA™| rane
Yo dude, sad to hear you had to go through the viral infection. Hope you get better soon. See you soon!
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Ow, that's very unfortunate. Hope you get better man, keep yourself safe. See you on track soon!
Hi guys.
Thx for kind words and whises
I'm happy to say I'm almost as good as new Smile
I'll pop up on servers soon.

H. baker
Nice news man, I'm glad that you are ok Smile
AA™| rane
Very sorry to here this, wishing you a speedy recovery and I look forward to racing with you in the future
Rest easy mate and wishing you a smooth recovery! Thanks for checking in, but don't worry focus on looking after yourself this time Smile
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Thx for your words guys. It really warms in a difficult time.
But.. now I'm good again. I've been on Blackwood GTI a few times now.
Good to be back. Smile

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