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Membership Application - Mnot [accepted]
Without further ado let us all welcome our newest member Mnot Smile

You may wear AS team tag and use AS team skins. If there is no AS team skin for a certain car, you may use any AA version for it. You have limad level 0 that will give you protection from votes. You can rank up by showing good behavior and helping others. Contributions to the report sections are also helpful for progress.

Congrats and see you on the track.
AA™| rane
Welcome to the Air Attack/Air Support team. You'll be in with us hopefully till you graduate to the main team!

It is an easy task, but please do read the Code of Conduct and Rules. This is regarding wearing the AS| Team tag, as well as the skins.
You rise through the ranks in Air Support by behaving well, doing laps on (any) AA servers, as well as moderate and keep things going smoothly in the Demo server.

As we now have a Multiclass S1-S3 server as well, we don't enforce (but ranking up is easier that way as we're a Demo-based team, and you learn admin duties there) that you'll have to be constantly patrolling the demo servers. You may still take time off to hop onto the Multiclass, and of course, every other server.

If you race in events, be sure to wear the team tag. Best of luck, and have fun mate!
AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]
°Air Support Manager

[Image: final-aor-carbon-zps883f4bbe.png?465]
Hello, thx for accept im happy to be here and part of AA/AS. So i ll try to active at demo server for admin duties. i was an admin at tofu server but i wasn't best about using panel.
We do not have any admin panel. Do not worry too much about admin-ing right now. You do not have any powers at limad0 anyway. We use !pl commands and buttons therein. Most used are kick, ban, but there is also act which gives more options and includes the previous two. All in due time. You can save replays and post to crashers threads for now. There is quite a lot to do by helping others to setup the car, game and so on.
AA™| rane

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