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Good evening, what do you think of the managers putting in the rallycross a reverse grid like that of bl1?, That is to say, the one that finishes 1, that comes out in last position, I think it can be a fun way that everyone can win. Greetings!
We currently are fairly split on if we want to keep reverse grid on BL1 because of issues caused in races and I somewhat imagine it would be worse with rally, but we could test to see if it will work.
Just spectate before race starts and you'll be at the back.

ps. Could you resist the urge to use Big red font when posting? It's getting bit annoying.

Voice of paranoia in your home.
[Image: ifdxjsM.png]
I always put the big and colored letter, in case someone has some kind of visual problem, but well I see that you are more delicate, do not worry, I will put them normal. Thank you berdy a greeting!
gti rally server is jummed , cant restart the race ,all crashing...(

OH NOW it works.
Valentino, I think I might get vision problems if I continue reading your nice font Smile
AA™| rane

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