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Membership Application - Max Verstappen [accepted]
Hello my name is jaron, they call me Jay, 

I live in Kingston Jamaica. I would like to join this team because I would like to race for someone and get better with help from within the team. I like the members of the team that I have met so far. I am hoping to be an asset to the team and hopfully become one of the fastest racers on the team. I hope I have said enough if not then let me know.
Hi Jay, tnx for the application and welcome to our forum.

Have a look here, it will show you what is required in order to create a valid membership application. Since you already gave us personal details and a reason why you want to join us (all good there), you just need to follow up with the racing stats. You can find this by pressing command !pi in any of our lfs servers. Once you fill in all those details and we can start processing your application.
AA™| rane
These are my race stats,
I have 639 laps, my air is pure air, my rank is air officer, I lap in the 1:34s high and my rank is 94.16% I prefer the xfg its what I use to race.
Ok Jay, this is enough. Although you didn't follow our template, we can consider your application to be valid.

Your stats are good. I would like to see you more on the track. Let's wait and see if others have anything to add.

Good luck Smile
AA™| rane
Thnx for the opportunity Smile
Hi guys, any updates here?
AA™| rane
Sorry I havnt been on my lfs is down on my computer
Hi Smile
I've seen you on the track a couple of times. positive is that you try more and more to look ahead and drive safely.
But I still believe that you need to gain more experience. You are on a good path Smile
Hello! Although I haven't seen you on track, I will try to manage a few races if I find you, but it seems your stats are pretty good. Goodluck!
Can one of you help me to get faster? recently I have been really slow for some reason.

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