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Overtaking not allowed.
Your LFS Username: gabii wavee (AntonR)
Offender's LFS Username: kart303 (Storm)
Description of the incident: What happened in this incident is that the player (kart303) gets inside the corner, without having the car inside or the position won, what he does is jump in to regain his position but not measuring the racing rules, because it is illegal the way he jumped in, because at no time I went out of the corner or he has the car inside, which causes him to hit me and take me out of the track.
Replay / Screenshot link:  
I left it for you to download the replay by mediafire.
Replay timestamp(s): 2:58.15 is the time of the crash, but I suggest you analyze a few seconds before that to understand.

Thank you very much, any doubt or problem you have with the download or what you need, do not hesitate to let me know, thank you very much.

Atte: AntonR (gabii wavee)
Hi man, tnx for the report.

Well, this one is hard to say what really was going on. He did push you off the track by trying to gain an advantage from the inside of S turn of sc2. It was quite an aggressive move made by Storm. This guy is well known on our servers, he is not a crasher. He is a little careless sometimes though. This time, he will not be punished since it was kind of in a heat of the battle. I do not know what was happening previously, but judging on this incident alone, I would not go for any long term punishment like a ban. If I was at the server I would issue a drive-through or a 30 sec penalty.

In similar situations next time, you can consult with admins if they are online. I see that in this particular case there was Delta S4, our very good and long time member. If you complained to him, we would do some action, like mild punishment which I mentioned earlier.

Nonetheless, this was a very good example of an unfair pass that caused a crash but is not for a ban. Good job with the report, this is certainly noted as a plus for your membership application processing. Cheers Smile
AA™| rane
Hello thank you very much for looking at the report, clearly it is not to take high action but to keep it in mind, thank you for reading my report.

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