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Membership Application - AntonR [accepted]
LFS Account name: gabii wavee
Racing name: AntonR
Desired racing name including the AS tag: AS™| AntonR
Ranks: Air Sergeant  + 295 = Air Officer
            Good air
            Record hotlap: 1,33,69 (BL1 XFG)
EDIT (2): NEW RECORD 1,33,64 (XFG BL1)
            AS2: 1,21,85 (XFG)
EDIT (1): I really like XFG much better, but I'm lowering my XRG pb because in the future it could help me in different circuits.
PB BL1 XRG: 1,33,75

Hi, I'm Kevin, they call me Anton,
But first I must apologize for my previous proposal to the team and have to leave the game because of some family problems, I'm sorry I didn't say anything about it, I apologize that these situations were serious and my head was not focused on what the game was, I understand very well, thank you very much, without anything else to say I continue with the biography. 
I'm from the United States but at the moment I live in Argentina, I'm 18 years old and I'm working with airplanes, it's a very delicate job but I like it, I think I can represent the team in races, events and championships and leave it in the best way possible, at the moment I have a S2 license, but I want to clarify that I didn't have it to race but for Cruise and Drift, so I'm practicing hotlaps of new circuits and talking with people to know more about the track and start to lower my times, I must say that in BL1 XFG I have the advantage since I make times (1,33,7x) with a lot of ease fighting in the first places, in the case of entering I would like to continue fighting for more times and improvements, and clearly go up to my goal with time (AA™|), well I think I can provide all my data and my position on the team, anything you need please make me clarify, thank you very much.

Atte: KevinR
Hi Kevin, welcome to our forum and thank you for the application.

I'm sorry that you had to deal with some family issues, I hope that everything is better now.

Your lfs username does ring a bell to me, I think I see you quite often at our server, just I have trouble connecting with the car skin and the in-game name that you use. You gave us here 3 pretty different names, so I suggest to stick with the one you used most of the time. It will help people to remember you and especially our members that need to process your application. As I see now, you have already applied once with the name KevinR, so I recommend you to stick with that one. Ofc, you do not have to, I'm just saying it might be easier for you.

Your stats are good and you're a fast racer no question about that, as it was in your previous application. Things should go smoothly since you already had a positive evaluation from the first application. Let's give it some time and see what others have to say.

Good luck and see you on the track Smile
AA™| rane
Hello good day, thanks for understanding, if you are right and can be somewhat confusing thank you very much for the advice, from now on thank you very much for the sincerity and respect that was always offered since my first previous publication, I appreciate your help and positivity, thank you very much and keep waiting !

Atte: KevinR
Has plus from me.
Ok then without further ado let us welcome our newest member AntonR Smile

Congrats dude and welcome to the team Smile  You may wear AS team tag and car skin. You can find skins here.

See you on the track.
AA™| rane
Hello and thank you all very much for the trust and respect that was always there, thank you for letting me be part of the team, I appreciate the opportunity. 

Atte: AntonR

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