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Membership Application - Vanessa [accepted]
LFS Account name: Mozambique
Racing name: -Vanessa--
Desired racing name including the AS tag: AS-Vanessa--
To find your AA Airio stats, use !pi command while in-server
Number of laps on AA servers: 761
Your safety rating: 92.49 %
Your personal best(s): 1.33.85

Podiums: 20 / 43 / 36
Series :     3 /   8  / 11
I actually only drive XFG, I still need a lot of experience for XRG. Cool

Hello my name is Vanessa, I am 29 years old. I am half Mozambican and half German. I currently live in Berlin/Germany.
In my free time i like to drive cars. I've been driving a old 2003 Civic Type R for 8 years now, which I've also driven on the Nordschleife. All pretty atypical for a woman, but i love it.

LFS is actually my first racing game ever. 
When I started 5 months ago or so I couldn't drive well. But I had a lot of help to drive better quickly.

I like most people on this server because they are funny and friendly. Heart

I actually only drive at this server, so I want to support it.

Thank you.

Hi Vanessa, welcome to our forum and thank you for application Smile

You are the first girl to ever apply for a membership in our team which is great. Your stats are good, I've seen your progress on our servers during past months. You have good communication and a respectful racecraft. Since I encouraged you to apply, you have my green light. Let's give it some time for others to see the application and write their opinion. In the meantime, keep driving and feel free to add any new information you see fit.

Good luck and see you on the track.
AA™| rane
I don't race much nowadays but Vanessa is one of the people I've happened to see multiple times on the server. My experiences so far have been positive, so it's a green light from me as well.
Hello Vanessa!

Welcome to the Air Attack forum! Thank you for taking your time to put in an application to join us.
During the periods where I have found enough time to race on demo, I have seen you around quite actively; you seem to be an adequately quick driver with respect and the ability to understand race situations.

Your stats seem adequate, and you have the green light from me as well.  However, do continue to add to your lap count for experience and also for lap time improvements if you can do any!

We will await for further comments from other members - if there are none, we may proceed to process your application.

Cheers, see you on track!
AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]
°Air Support Manager

[Image: final-aor-carbon-zps883f4bbe.png?465]
Without further ado, let us welcome our newest member Vanessa Smile

Welcome to the team, you have been granted a limad0, which will protect you from the votes of other drivers. You may wear your proposed AS team tag and get AS car skins from here.

See you on the track.
AA™| rane
Congrats Vanessa, see you on track

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