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Membership Application - Propaganjor [accepted]
LFS Account name: Propaganjor
Racing name: Propaganjor'
Desired racing name including the AS tag: AS™|Propaganjor'  or if too long AS™|Ganjor'
To find your AA Airio stats, use !pi command while in-server:       - I used to have a different account back in the day but I can't remember credentials
Number of laps on AA servers: 1418 but used to race back in the day
Your safety rating: Always around 96%
Your personal best(s): 1.34.15 at the moment with XFG trying to get 1.33.xx Don't really race XRG nor FBM as I think one must have a steering wheel for it and I haven't got one at the moment :Sad'm up for some rally cross races though.  
I feel I'm old, I'm 28 living in UK. Want to join as I enjoy racing on your servers and why not race with team  Smile Why AA? Because I always raced here and all I know in LFS I know from Luka :Smile
I feel like I remember your name. Were you about between 2011-2013? I feel like I've had some really close races with you with just a plain white name and XFG.
[Image: Q9RJsZD.png]
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AA Member since 2012

Hi Propaganjor, tnx for your application and welcome to our forum.

I have also seen you on our GTi server quite a lot of times in the past as well as nowadays. Decent driver and racer, no problems, good stats, good communication. You have my green light. Let's see what others have to say, so in the meantime stick around, get to know more AA/AS members, feel free to update your stats if you see fit. If you haven't already, you can join our discord where most of our active members are.

Usual application processing time is up to 3 weeks, but it can be much shorter depending on the applicant's activity. Be patient and see you on the track.
AA™| rane
(12-26-2019, 08:13 PM)Seven Wrote: I feel like I remember your name. Were you about between 2011-2013? I feel like I've had some really close races with you with just a plain white name and XFG.

Hi Seven
That is correct i used to race in those years although I'm not exactly sure when. That reminds me tho - I think I used to have a different account which i forgot credentials too but I'm not really sure about that...If I did I definitely had the same name which makes me wonder - is there a way to pull the account name at least from the server logs? I'd really love to have a look at old account, see if there are any old setups there and of course see what kind of lap times I had. If it's not possible then it's fine Smile

I also feel like I've missed opportunity to say Hi to everybody so...

Hi everybody ;Wink
Hi Propaganjor, pulling out the logs with your connections is like finding a needle in a haystack. It is possible, but we really can not deal with that. Your car setups for sure are not saved anywhere other than your PC, we might have some stats of your previous account, but without knowing the old lfs username, it is also quite a hassle to find from logs. Additionally, our logs date back till 2014, since then we changed to our current server provider. Any log before that I have no idea where it is.
AA™| rane
I've had some good racing with Propaganjor on GTi and (s)he seems like a nice guy/girl and would probably make a good addition to the team.
See you on track and happy holidays
I'm quite sure, that it's a he Smile
AA™| rane
Better safe than sorry, rane Big Grin
Without further ado, let us welcome our newest member Propaganjor Smile

For now, you have limad0 that will protect you from votes from other drivers. I updated your forum and lfs privileges. You can join our discord so that I can update your stats there as well. You may use your proposed AS team tag and AS team car skins from here. If there is no AS team car skin available, you may use the AA version for it from here.
In order to progress in ranks, it is recommended to be active in the reports section of our forum and discord.

Congrats and see you on the track.
AA™| rane
Hey thanks for letting me join I hope to see you on track soon! I've joined discord server - Nightfel #5974

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