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S2 Xmas event 2019 - announcement
Hi Racers!
We are happy to announce the Xmas event, based on Hide&Seek game mode. It's located on AA S2 Racing server, and will take place from 28th of December 2019 at 19:00 UTC.

The mini-map is disallowed. There are 3 seekers selected at the start, while the rest have 2 minutes to hide. The seekers will start looking, and the goal for hiders is to save themselves without getting caught. Saving is achieved by driving over the ZONE1 at the start (you can also just fly through it). If the seeker hits you before that, you become the seeker as well. Once a hider becomes a seeker, he will spectate, change car, car color and may rejoin as the seeker. The game is finished once all players are eliminated either by saving themselves, or by becoming seekers. Max round time is 15min and every hider that did not save himself or become a seeker, will be eliminated from the round. You can connect to the server right now and start discovering the layout, but have in mind that some small changes might occur.
seekers - GTR (must have any yellow color, headlights on)
hiders - any available car (must have any blue color, headlights off)

We wish you a good luck and some nice fun! AirAttack team Smile
AA™| rane

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