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Membership application - Joz [declined due to inactivity]
LFS Account name: MrJonttu
Racing name: Joz
Desired racing name including the AS tag: AS™| Joz
To find your AA Airio stats, use !pi command while in-server
Number of laps on AA servers: 212 (I drive every day more laps)
Your safety rating: 85.09 %
Your personal best(s): XFG BL1: 1.34.70
XRG BL1: 1.35.16

If you enjoy other classes (eg. Applying for GTi, but also racing RallyX) feel free to list them and their relevant records here too: I like everything in Live For Speed

[size=small]Any other personal data you want to share, e.g. why you want to join, your name, age, location, occupation, etc.: I'm male from Finland. I want to join because I want to be part of this amazing team. I want to progress in racing and hopefully get some tips from other drivers in the team. I have been in Ricers team also. I have owned LFS since 2015 and I like LFS so much that I want to be part of  a racing team. My friends say that I'm funny and nice guy. Most importantly I'm a carguy Big Grin. My favorite car brand is BMW
Hi Joz, welcome to our forum and thank you for your application.

Your stats are fine, although we would like to see a bit more laps. It usually shows if someone is really dedicated to joining us. Your reasons to join are quite cool.

Can you tell us how old are you? Do you have an S2/S3 license? Would you be willing to participate in league racing? Are you ready to deal with people online, making sure that AA servers are free of problems, like deliberate crashers and disputes? Take a look at these and if you think you are up to it then I wish you good luck. We usually process applications in 2-3 weeks, but sometimes even a few days is enough if we know the racer. So stick around and feel free to update the post with new stats or whatever you think might speed up our decision process.

See you on track.
AA™| rane
When I wrote this apply I had driven 212 laps, after I posted the apply I went to drive and now I have 240 laps, As you can see from that, Im getting all the time more laps because I want to become good driver so I need to just practise. So I think the laps aren't a problem because I get them all the time more. And those questions what you asked: Im 15 years old, not childish if you think so Big Grin. I have S2 license. And I would participate in league racing if it is on good time. It depends on the time. Well, Im ready to deal with people online because I have already dealed with people online for few years. Smile
Tell us something about yourself so we get to know you. How did you get into racing and cars for example?
Ok cool, tnx for the update. Let wait and see what other members have to say.
AA™| rane
This reply is for Berdy. Well my good friend is a car guy too, he have had many cars already. We talk about cars often and i dont know how i got into racing and cars. Cars are just cool xd. I think racing is cool thing to do on freetime because there you can show your skills and have fun with friends and possibly make new friends.
Update to my stats:
Laps: 347
XFG Pb: 1.34.54
A tad late but hi Joz!

Thanks for taking the time out to apply to join us here at Air Attack. Your stats seem okay and you have been putting in effort to get some miles in. We will give it some time and monitor your progress, so during this period, make sure you practice, do races as you have been doing so and get used to the expetience of reporting crashers or rammers to the Reports section.

In the meanwhile, please remember to stay calm and always reflect on your actions. Refrain from arguing with other people if there really isn't a need to.

Anyway, good luck and see you on track (hopefully, I'm very busy as of late)

AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]
°Air Support Manager

[Image: final-aor-carbon-zps883f4bbe.png?465]
Unfortunately, I have to decline this application due to prolonged inactivity. Feel free to re-apply at any time.
AA™| rane

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