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Membership application - Federico [accepted]
LFS Account name: Fede.123

Racing name: Tartarone

Desired racing name including the AA tag: AS| Tartarone

To find your AA Airio stats, use !pi command while in-server

Number of laps on AA servers: +3200

Your safety rating: current 90.24%

Your personal best(s): PB/Date:  1:33.60  30.32 36.60 26.68 (1:06.92)  (BL1 XFG)
PB/Date:  1:33.12  29.77 36.64 26.71 (1:06.41)  (BL1 XRG)

Attached Files
.png   FEDE.png (Size: 338.28 KB / Downloads: 10)
Hi there Fede. Overall, all I see is a completely solid and consistent racer. All I would recommend is that you should add some minor details to your application; stuff like some small personal resume, driving style and why do you want to join AA aren't required, but they help us get to know you better.

Be on touch and keep up with your application. I'm sure a lot of AA members will talk about you. Personally, I think you could be a good addition to AS.

Hi, nice to meet you!

obviously I don't come to do a curriculum, I just come to demonstrate my desire to run and show that I can be in one of the improved teams
Hi Tartarone, welcome to our forum and thank you for your application Smile

Your stats are very good, far beyond the minimal requirements for AS. I saw you on track many times, all good there, very good and super fast racer, language skill good.
As Habby already pointed out, it would be helpful to tell us more about you, like where are you from, how old, your hobbies and so on. I see that currently you are a member of B2R team and you should know that we do not allow double agents. Let us know if that is an issue for you. Are you asking for admin only, or you want to be the part of AA, the real deal? Would you be interested in league racing? I think I saw you a few times on FM servers? If you are serious with this application, you have a green light from me. Make sure to check out our Discord server, it may help to speed the process up by getting to know more AA/AS members.

Good luck and see you on track.
AA™| rane
Hi rane, nice to meet you!

I am a quite calm boy I do not usually get angry if they hit me or something happens, I try to have fun and enjoy good friendships, I am 20 years old now in October I will be turning 21 years old, I live in Buenos Aires Argentina, speak little English but I understand many words since I'm studying English class, I hope they take me as a boy who wants to have fun and enjoy with friends

thank you very much guys!

b2r was a proposal of mine but I decided to leave since I did not progress and did not participate in the leagues, I wanted to get my potential and put my name on top, if you do not accept me for being part of b2r I would not take it very badly anymore that you decide who can enter, I respect a lot as you do, but I would like to be part of the team

thank you!
So if I understood right, what you are saying is: if we accept your application, you will resign from B2R?
AA™| rane
Yes, I just want to have a good performance as a pilot and I think that not being able to enter the leagues I will not be able to improve
Ok, very good Smile
Let's wait and see what others have to say. Usual application processing time is up to 3 weeks, but may also be a few days depending on the feedback from other members.
AA™| rane
I feel like i've seen your name around before... but im not sure. But yes, you seem to be very clean and someone that might be able to develop in our team Big Grin

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