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Membership application - Takumi [accepted]
Hi guys, I leave my data here
LFS Account name: (djdaft); Racing name: Takumi Fujiwara
Desired racing name including the AA tag: AS™| Takumi
To find your AA Airio stats, use !pi command while in-server: Attached photo
Number of laps on AA servers: +3076
Your safety rating:  Rating: Current 91,98%
Your personal best(s): PB/Date:  1:34.28  30.52 37.00 26.76 (1:07.52)  (BL1 XFG)
                                  PB/Date:  1:34.48  30.28 37.15 27.05 (1:07.43) (BL1 XRG)

If information is missing, let me know and I will upload it at this time, have a good day Tongue

Attached Files
.png   !pi.png (Size: 256.41 KB / Downloads: 4)
Hi Takumi, tnx for your application and welcome to our forum Smile

I saw you quite often in our servers. You are a decent and good racer, no problems there. Your stats are more than good enough for application to AS, so a green light from me. Let's see what others have to say. Processing time is usually 2-3 weeks, but can be much shorter if enough members say positive stuff about you. If you already are not there check out our Discord server.

Good luck and see you on track.
AA™| rane
Hi rane, nice to meet you!

I am a quite calm boy I do not usually get angry if they hit me or something happens, I try to have fun and enjoy good friendships, I am 20 years old now in October I will be turning 21 years old, I live in Buenos Aires Argentina, speak little English but I understand many words since I'm studying English class, I hope they take me as a boy who wants to have fun and enjoy with friends

thank you very much guys!
Ok, cool that is basicaly why we are all here Smile
AA™| rane
We see each other every day, and we are connected in discord, good fights on the track, it is seen wanting to progress.

See you on takumi track: D
Takumi is a decently fair racer from what I've seen on GTi recently. He seems like a cool guy. Haven't seen any complaints about him
Ok, then without further ado let's welcome our newest member Takumi Smile
For now, you have limad0 which protects you from votes. You will progress through ranks, at limad3 you will officially be invited to join the big league AA.
AA™| rane
Bienvenido chileno Big Grin
Congrats Takumi welcome to Air Support by Air Attack! Have seen and raced you a couple of times and I agree you are a good asset to us!

As a Air Support member, please wear your AS™| tag in AA servers or racing, and use the available AA skins when possible.
The tag must be worn for when you are in server or participating as Air Support in leagues, unless otherwise.

You have been given L0 admin which is not extended privilages - you are only immune to getting banned, and do not have access to actually banning users yet.

File reports for crashers or bad users seen on our servers here on this forum, or phone for a higher-ranking admin through our Discord to get a hold of someone.

Good luck!
AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]
°Air Support Manager

[Image: final-aor-carbon-zps883f4bbe.png?465]

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