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Membership application - CHV [accepted]
Hi guys, I leave my data here

LFS Account name: Jhon_A (Demo) ; Salven (S2)
Racing name: CHV
Desired racing name including the AS tag: AS™|CHV
To find your AA Airio stats, use !pi command while in-server: Attached photo
Number of laps on AA servers: +5000
Your safety rating:  Rating: Current 99,28%
Your personal best(s):  PB/Date:  1:33.49  13.09.2019 10:18 (BL1 XFG)
                                     PB/Date:  1:33.62  16.09.2019 18:46 (BL1 XRG)
                                     PB/Fecha:  1:09.14  26.09.2019 06:24 (BL3 XFG)

If information is missing, let me know and I will upload it at this time, have a good day Smile

Attached Files
.png   !PIl.png (Size: 492.73 KB / Downloads: 4)
Hi CHV, thank you for your application Smile Please do upload an image or just type all info from !pi command. It would be cool to tell us more about you, why do you want to join AA and what are your expectations as a potential AA member. Can you please use the standard font size 3?

Many of you will know racer CHV, since he is quite active in the forum and he gave a fair contribution to the crasher reports.  Other than that, he is a great and very fast racer. As I am supporting his application, that is an automatic green light from me. What do you guys think?
AA™| rane
Well, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 25 years old, a motoring fan. About 10 years ago I met the game, I started on Z28!

Like many, running in drag, I later met other people on the server, and they took me to the race servers, something else, guaranteed fun and good competition. Then I left, many removals, and about 1 year ago I returned, with a new account, I lost the previous one. 
I started to test the different career servers, and nothing, AA is unique, constant management, the predisposition of the team is excellent, always helping, laughs and good level above all.
If I never applied it was because a requirement is to speak fluent English, and I use a translator as most know, although I try to be fast, always before starting the game, first the translator haha
As you will see, I often go to the crasher section, I really don't like it, I like it very badly, I like to clean the community where I participate, and that we can all enjoy clean, aggressive races. I love the fight, I like to take risks, but not I like to harm other runners, it can happen, but without intentions, and that is what I enjoy most here, you learn day by day in the eternal struggles!
You already have the photo with my information, I repeat again, if this time it is not seen, I will write by hand about !Pi
Nice, I saw the image it is in attachment now. All good, let's hear out the others Smile
AA™| rane
while I am not necessarily someone that can judge people if they are quick drivers, especially on GTi, I've had nice races with you and despite you being significantly quicker than me, you've always raced with respect and that's generally enough for me. I've spectated you racing with other drivers and you are pretty much always clean as your holy 99% safety rating shows. About the English, it's perfect and always understandable considering Google Translate (if you are using it) is sometimes weird with sentence translations. Don't worry about it. 99% of people on LFS are from non English speaking countries (wild guess, not actual data I've collected hahah).

See you tonight on GTi!
Berdy !!! I say the same, you enjoy racing with people like you!
If one is attentive you can take the thread of the conversation, thanks for the support, Have a good day!
See you on the track!
We will speed this up a little since CHV is a well-known racer and has shown his good judgment several times in crasher reports. I added rights to your S2 account with lfs username Salven, so I recommend you to use that one from now on. Make sure to get in AA discord server so that I can update your role there as well. You can also type !discord in any AA lfs server and a discord link will pop up in chat.

Congrats and welcome to the team dude Smile
AA™| rane
Congrats CHV, welcome to Air Support by Air Attack.

As a Air Support member, please wear your AS™| tag in AA servers or racing, and use the available AA skins when possible.
The tag must be worn for when you are in server or participating as Air Support in leagues, unless otherwise.

You have been given L0 admin which is not extended privilages - you are only immune to getting banned, and do not have access to actually banning users yet.

File reports for crashers or bad users seen on our servers here on this forum, or phone for a higher-ranking admin through our Discord to get a hold of someone.

See you on track!
AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]
°Air Support Manager

[Image: final-aor-carbon-zps883f4bbe.png?465]
Thanks for the opportunity guys, nice to be part of the team.

Have a nice day, 
See you at the track

Congrats CHV. You're now promoted up from L0 rank to L1!

Always remember to race cleanly and fairly, and stay active in racing; be it on our servers moderating, or participating in events, or just LFS in general.
You should now be able to kick users - but remember to be fair, and do not abuse your rights for your own benefit.

Good luck, and see you on track!
**Please check your admin rank in server by typing !pl, inform us if there is any issue!
AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]
°Air Support Manager

[Image: final-aor-carbon-zps883f4bbe.png?465]

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