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Unban request
(06-29-2020, 08:22 PM)onlynoob94 Wrote: I'm sad! Confused  I wrote everything!
I've been playing on this server for a long time!
My game did not save any replays.
5 seconds after the "contact" he already threw me out.
All I could write for him was to "look into the mirrors next time"!
After that, I store it all the replays on my computer!
I hope other times it makes sense for me to write here! ... (With replay...)

Idk why not use Hotlap setups in solo ?
I think long 1.gear not for the short race...
I don’t understand why you had to put me in the spectator and get a ban when a little contact happened!?
I believe you are treating players aggressively and i have a problem with that!

As said, I spectated you after contacts and asked why smash me. Your answer was just that I was aggressive driver with hotlap gears, which gave me the view you did it intentionally.
Nowdays we are usually driving amongst beginners and avoiding crashes in almost impossible. Expecting more from veteran racers when have opportunity to have them in servers. Just sad when vets misbehave like this and yell abuse.

In any case, I´m glad we are good now!! Wink
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I insist on this! --> (Long 1.gear on the start line i think useless! You hold up the others.)
Because a veteran someone can still make a mistake!
But all right!
For my part, we are good! Smile
(07-03-2020, 10:36 PM)onlynoob94 Wrote: I insist on this! --> (Long 1.gear on the start line i think useless! You hold up the others.)
Slightly off topic, but seriously... Complaining about someone is using different gears is ridiculous. If you see someone slow to start you just f***ing go around him instead complaining that he's slow. What is the problem? Confused

Good to see you're on good terms again tho Tongue

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