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What happened?
Hey, used to play this game many years ago and for some reason it popped into my head. I remember that the life of the game was always in the balance due to licencing, costs and active players - I guess this finally tipped the wrong way? Last time I posted on a forum it was a temporary one as something had kicked off and the main one got deleted?

I think the main name I flew as was movingtarget, was also called mentalmike or just Mike. Remember some good weekends paintballing as well!
This team is founded by the original AirAttack game's fanatics Smile I am sorry but I don't have any information about the current status of the AirAttack flying game.

But if you are new to LFS, please join us and have a try! You are most welcome Smile

You can download this car racing simulator from
AA?| Senna [Image: isonline.ortek87.gif]

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