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Hello guys,

I want to make 2 complaints on the same person. This person has the username of Dawgless but his display name is H!tlerDidEverytingRight. I believe that this username is highly inappropriate as believing what Hitler did was right means you believe killing 6 million people is right.

My second complaint against this guy is ramming. The replay is attached. Spectate H!tlerdideverythingright from 5:35 onwards. This is pretty self explanatory when he rams 2 people.

Replay :

Thank You
I'll give him a month's vacation for the nickname. Regardless of opinions racism and genocide hits a chord with me. End of race ramming we don't bother with unless they're targeted at people doing cooldown laps or the hotlappers who use the last lap and an empty track to get a new PB.

30 day ban for Dawgless. Thanks for your report once again. Smile
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