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S2 server
As there's a function for voting on tracks, I'd expect the same would be possible for cars..?

And yes, a server sitter to keep the server visible would certainly help - my alt, Marshal, is ready to go as soon as needed Smile

There have been a few new S2 servers popping up - the trick to their success has been keeping things interesting. B2R run the risk of becoming boring, running the same GTi races over and over. Even just having Blackwood voted into the roster has been enough to clear half the participants from their server at times.

Car voting would definitely be a solid step up.
+1 for car voting, and also don't do what B2R does with track voting - make it completely and utterly random. It spices the challenge and throws spanners in the works - also prevents a server from constantly sticking to one particular map.

Also, maybe, just my 2 cents - include proper, race ready track layouts as well? Like every 10 races, a random racetrack lyt is selected. Adds to the suspense and keeps people interested for longer. Just an idea though, because I ain't the one coding Insim/Airio! (If you need track examples, head over to Autocross layouts in the LFS Forum, check out my thread, Lucaf's or Sina's. Pretty tip top for racing I do suppose!)
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I hate layouts tbh Sad
Only thing that keeps thing new and fresh mikkkkkke Smile
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Just popping this in;

Vim/Seven, would an AA association/relationship with a much much bigger league/team help us?

AOR head Fisi and I have been talking on how to promote LFS in the community, because at the moment LFS is really stale. If a 7k+ membered league has only 5 people interested in LFS something's clearly not right.

If the S2 server incoorperates a championship, would I be able to link it to AOR and perhaps link both the teams up together?

Just a wild idea, lol

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AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]

There was a time a few years back that AirAttack did try an association with a larger team, but there were complications around team management which resulted in AA needing to break off the relationship and regain the autonomy it needed to work as it always had, in other words, as a primarily demo team.

I think what you are doing currently is the best idea - encouraging and engaging the AOR community's interest in participating in LFS. We'll see where that takes us. Smile

Of course, there is nothing to stop us from participating in other games' leagues as AA either. I was invited by Sam to participate in a Project Cars league, in which I was only able to do for the first race owing to the time-zone issues. But this is something we as a team should always be open to, in the same way that AOR doesn't tie itself to any one sim.

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