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S2 server
I'd be happy to foot the cost of the S2 server, if the balance of the cost of the other servers is able to be shared among the rest of our members without any problems.

I'll wait until the end of March before making a firm decision, just so we can see where everyone else stands.
If S2 is decided on, there needs to be enough members committed to it. I´m supporting, but need someone to take the reigns in planning/developing/running it.
I have S3, and I can definitely commit, I suppose Mikke can too
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AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]

Yes of course, but I'll need some practice with airio commands Smile
Airio is easy, the hard part will be choosing what car/track combo to drive with Big Grin
Can I suggest to some skilled moderator to move these last posts to separate thread?
If I do it most likely something will break Big Grin

Voice of paranoia in your home.
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I've moved these posts from our donations thread to further the discussion, so if anyone else would like to chime in, here's the place Smile
trouble is it will be inactive as most of the s2 servers which run at the moment. Only good reason to keep it for some fun events here and there like we had some time before.
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If we select the right combo we might have a nicely populated server. Ideally, it should be self-manageable. We need one bot (AA member) to stay there all the time so that it comes up in the search list Smile How much money do we need per year? Was it additional 24EUR/year?

I could pitch in from time to time for managing.
AA™| rane
Is possible to make it rotating cars and tracks every hm... 10 races? Smile Similiar to B2R Rotate GTi, but including cars rotate.

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