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My first parking ticket
So I got my first parking ticket today, in a year and a half of driving and riding!

[Image: 8fw2WUZ.jpg]

I'd never seen parking wardens in Halifax and the one day I have to rush in to grab CCTV footage for the police to investigate a fight - I get caught! Typical!

Anyone else had any tickets or citations before for anything? Speeding, parking, being pulled over...?
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My criminal record and driving lisence are both 100% clean Smile
Speed camera tickets only Smile
Hello ! (for those of you that remember me) :p

I've never received a ticket or an infraction for doing anything. however, my two cents is;

Nearly a year ago, I was at work, driving a company vehicle to collect some LandRover parts. the car was a 14 plate Honda civic 2.2D

The exit junction to the parts supplier of where I had been, was on a slight upramp, and for any of you that know this car, the 'A' Pillars, cause huge blindspots.
I was waiting a good 2 minutes before it was clear and safe to pull out.. I thought; I pull out, turning right, and WHAM a motorcyclist riding a 1400CC Suzuki of some kind, hit the front right corner of the bonnet. travelling approx 45mph, and flipped over, braking his wrist (badly)

The police arrived at the scene soon after, with an ambulance, I was badly shaken, but the motorcyclist was alive. thankfully. The police came to the immediate conclusion that this was a genuine mistake, and no prosecution was therefore needed.

This all happend the day I received my first 1 year No Claims Bonus on my person insurance. and for my lucky un deserving ass. it was on the company insurance, no NCB lost for me, phew.

about 6 months later i was given the option to plead guilty for 'Driving without undue care and attention' and take 6 points.
or pay £250 and go on a Driving Awareness and accident reduction seminar, and not take the points. (which I did obviously)

Since all of this happend, I have become much more critical of my own driving, and it's always in the back of my mind.

Not really sure if this is relevant to your speeding ticket, but just a bit of gab i suppose ^_^

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