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Facebook announcements and shout-outs
This is a call to all AA members,
and our friends, who intend to
race on AA servers at any time.

If you would like to - post here and we will post on Facebook
that you're heading into an AA server and are
looking for random challengers;
or your friends;
... your rivals!

Simply post:
  1. your ingame name
  2. What server you'll be in (specifically, or GTi - FBM - Rally)
  3. an estimate of how long you'll be there (optional)
  4. Who you're looking for (optional)
  5. Shout outs (optional)
  6. your rivals in your dust.
Just so you know, we might not get to all of you - timezones are tricky things - and chances are that sometimes it won't happen instantly, or in time (if you leave a time estimate), or at all (we might leave it if we can't get to it for 2 hours old or more), but if we can make it happen, we will. The idea is to develop this while it's running to see where gaps are and fill them with other AA members who would also like to participate. We like to call it 'real-time development'. We'll see how it goes anyway.

If we don't get to you the first time, please don't give up, and try again next time you go racing.

And if you haven't already,  get over to our page and like us already!

Easy! Go forth and socialise your racing with the help of social media!

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