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Forum emails not working (Hotmail, etc)
Info for everyone having difficulties receiving emails from AirAttack Forum!

Many existing and new forum members have a problem not receiving email that forum has sent. This mostly affected those who had email account at Hotmail or Gmail.
Well, the fault was mine for a lack of SPF record for our domain, which is now created.

I´ve tested that can now receive emails to my Gmail and Hotmail -accounts.

Hotmail users need to add -domain as a safe sender!

  1. Click the Options icon [Image: 978d981c-a380-4f87-aa7b-f85c072a788a_34.jpg], and then click Options.
  2. Under Preventing junk email, click Safe and blocked senders, then click Safe Senders.
  3. Under Sender or domain to mark as safe, type, then click  Add to list >>
  4. You´re done!


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