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New Forums! Welcome, again
I also don't mind it, it's certainly neater than having loads of people post "+1" or "agreed" with no further discussion. Sure it could be made a little neater but I don't mind it at all.
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Cool, old fart has been pacified... I'll have to live with that then...  :-\

Voice of paranoia in your home.
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Cheers!  Big Grin

Congrats for own forum! Well done  Smile
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(12-16-2014, 06:43 PM)morro22 link Wrote:Cheers!  Big Grin

Congrats for own forum! Well done  Smile

Not quite yet, Morro, but it's getting there... Big Grin

The server migration will be happening sometime soon, but there's no fixed date as yet. We'll be sure and let you all know when it's going to happen.
Well, so, congrats for almost our forum  Tongue
It's a good new  Smile
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Hi everyone!

Our old forum software died again, so changes have been made.. we are running on "new" forum software and changed webhosting provider. Hope these changes are for the better and give us more stable platform in future.

Huge thanks go to JoRuss for installing and setting up the new forum!

There is lot of fine tuning needed, so if there are MyBB experts (or inviduals willing to sacrifice their free time) amongst us - please report to me. Smile

Jacques,you need to empty ur pm space a bit!
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I hope this forum software will last much longer than the old one. 

JoRuss thanks again! Smile 

Btw, who is the owner of "the-admin" account ? Big Grin
everything is so different once again, hate it
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- got e-mail sending to work
- most likely from now on your old passwords won't work, you need to recover it using password forgotten link
Mybb allows for use of the old passwords (with plugin) but then you are unable to login when you reset password.
- if you find some suitable theme there's no problem installing it, to be frank this default skin is too optimistic...

Voice of paranoia in your home.
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