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Other driving games
I've been prowling around for new experiences in the driving game genre, and there's a few in development that are showing great promise...

I assume everyone has seen or heard of Next Car Game? I've been having great fun with this, although the latest update has messed up the handling of the smaller cars, making them a little less drivable. In saying that, it's still very early days, and they've yet to implement the multiplayer code, although a few people in the community have come up with their own multiplayer system, which is quite cool.

The BeamNG crew started well, but I haven't seen a lot of progress for a while, and you can only drive off a cliff so many times...

If you ever played a game on the 1st Playstation called Vigilante8, or Interstate76 on the PC, then you might be interested in a game called Gas Guzzlers Extreme. It's arcade-style car physics with big f****ng guns attached, like a cross between Wipeout and Need for Speed. It also has arena-style deathmatch and CTF matches thrown in for good measure. There's nothing quite like hurtling down a highway in Arizona, unloading a minigun into someone's rear windscreen. In all the time I've had this game, I haven't actually taken it online, so I have no idea what the community is like, or the net-code for that matter, but it's perfectly playable in single-player mode, so who cares Big Grin

On the sim side of things, there's Assetto Corsa of course(a), which although is fun, the net-code is letting it down in a BIG way. There are some nice tracks and cars being made for it by the community, and this is what I keep going back to it for, but it's missing the accessibility that makes LFS great.

One that I haven't played yet, but will be looking at in the near future, is Project Cars. I saw some screenshots of the latest developments in the weather systems and my jaw dropped to the floor. It looks gorgeous! I'm not kidding when I say it even makes AC look like Outrun c.1980s. I can't wait to see if it drives as good as it looks, but I'm so bogged down in other games right now I have to leave something to look forward to...

...speaking of which - the Oculus Rift DK2 is shipping soon. Just got an order confirmation email last week, so it's happening! But then I'll get lost in Alien Isolation, and no-one will ever see me again, let alone hear me scream... 
ETS2 is lot of fun but it is not a car simulator Tongue with the mp mod it is very very much popular these days! Big Grin
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Assetto Corsa any1 ?
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I was waiting for The Crew. Then I got the beta key. I know it's not a ready game yet but I didn't think it was any good.

I am kinda waiting for full version of Carmageddon, not sure if I will buy it though. Might do so if it goes on sale at some point in the future.

I have Assetto Corsa but it doesn't have that LFS feel for me. Cars behave weird in many situations imo. Also the cars don't have a great variation. There's like 10 lotuses that all look a like and propably handle quite much the same. Some mod tracks are fun though. Joux Plane with anything fast... or even something not that fast can be great fun.
most fun was ole DOS game SCREAMER 2. sense of speed was unfknbelievable lol
fun starts at 2:10
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yeah... screamer 1 and 2 was mega back in the days... next one (4x4) was sadly crap...

I'd add here nfs porsche which has great feel (despite crappy textures at times :-)) I used to play with keys, but nowadays with mouse it's even better :-)

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NFS Porsche was golden, for years we played it. Shame the series has been freefalling ever since.. Now testing Fortza 5 on xbox but using controller they have ruined it. :-\
DOS game SCREAMER 2, never played the game, but from what I see it's awesome! 1996! Smile
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(08-08-2014, 06:46 AM)Jacques link Wrote: NFS Porsche was golden, for years we played it. Shame the series has been freefalling ever since.. Now testing Fortza 5 on xbox but using controller they have ruined it. :-\

Have you ever tried NFS Porsche on Playstation? It wasn't so good, the PC version however still stands up even today. Great game.
No, never owned any of the playstations. First NFS was awesome at the time, Porsche was another hit.
If remember right Screamer was first game where I saw the benefit of 3d cards (3dfx). We played that game in a lan and soon after seeing one guy playing it with 3dfx all of us bought the cards as well. Smile

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