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AA fast pb times
Hmm... my avg was 32.63 if i remember Sad((
(09-17-2016, 10:04 AM)Mikke Wrote: Hmm... my avg was 32.63 if i remember Sad((

Hence why I said current, it drops daily when you don't improve it Tongue You're ahead of me in the champ avg.
Reply we2r unofficial wr 2.32.96 starts at 3rd lap.
lfsw wr: 2.33.09
Nice going, Mikke - top work Smile
JoRuss forced me to come here and show off, so... After thousands of laps, 1:08 on BL2 rallycross is finally beaten with XFG. After several 1:08.01 laps today, I finally managed to beat it and did 1:07.93

Any ideas what to do with my life now?
All I can add is that this result was possible purely because of my presence on server.
You're welcome. ;-)

Voice of paranoia in your home.
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Congrats Spiiiky! Smile
Its hard to get 1.08.9x for me and you just did 1.07... Smile
Same here Mikke. Awesome work Spiky! Big Grin
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Thank you, guys :o

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