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AA fast pb times
Update plz
More updates are comming  Tongue
AA™| Viraaj[Image: isonline.viraaj5555.gif]
ofc, in one week when you get your best pb Tongue
Hehe,i am very lucky  ;D
New pb - 1.13.13
AA™| Viraaj[Image: isonline.viraaj5555.gif]
I'm trying to improve my wheel pb's now. 1.12.46 online today followed by 1.12.20 hotlap. It's a bit hard to learn to hotlap with wheel as I used a lot of handbrake whilst driving with mouse but on wheel it feels too much like cheating + I don't know even how to control the car with handbrake whilst using wheel Tongue...
(05-18-2014, 05:33 PM)Energy link Wrote: ofc, in one week when you get your best pb Tongue
Damn,i cant get under .13.13 Sad

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AA™| Viraaj[Image: isonline.viraaj5555.gif]
Hey Hey! Where's me on that list  Tongue
Don't try to beat anyone else to go higher, just beat yourself Wink
[Image: 2e2q71f.jpg]        
Update mine: FBM+BL1 1.12:02  8)
[Image: 2hlKv70.png]
Nice work Vadim, I aim so get my 1.32.77 down to a 1.32.60 in the next few weeks Smile

And what a beautifully fast team we have! ^_^

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times updated Smile
Guys just one thing when pursuing fast times online, often what happens is that reckless moves are made when one is in a hurry to pass slower casual players - which leads to accidents. I´ve seen this happen with almost every GTI member, myself included. Not pointing fingers, but hope you guys remeber that speed isn´t what we are known for but the behavior we show on track. Wink

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