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Donations (PLEASE READ)
Shoot, it's that time of year again. If I get paid this weekend I'll chip in!
AA™| Seven | thesagibbs | Matt Streeter
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€12,33 sent (sadly I was 0,01 short for cooler amount Tongue)

Voice of paranoia in your home.
[Image: ifdxjsM.png]
Thanks JR! I´ve beefed up the account for 30€ to have necessary funds.

Rackservice invoice is paid for the next year.

Actually our yearly server cost is 90€, we had 10€ on Rackservice account so this was automatically used -> bill was for 80€. My mistake. Smile
You should put out the word at least month earlier...
I spotted it myself on Sunday :-(

Voice of paranoia in your home.
[Image: ifdxjsM.png]
20€ sent. Bills begone!
20EUR sent. Cheers Smile
AA™| rane
It must be coming up to that time of the year again?

Jacques, what's our status? We should maybe start passing the hat before the bill comes due so that you're not covering the excess this time Big Grin
Thanks Rane, much appreciated and transfer confirmed!

You´re right Vim, due date of 25.4 is slowly creeping up.
Here´s our situation:

- Cost of continuing 6 demo servers is 90€ for the next year.
- Forum hosting was paid at beginning of February. Twice a year we have to pay hefty sum of 2,4€ for the next 6 months. (I still call it a great deal.. Smile thanks go to JoRuss!)
- Right now our balance covers around 2/3 of the yearly costs. All donations are welcome no matter the size.
- There have always been some chatter about S2 server. Having one would cost us 2€/month = 24€/year.

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