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Donations (PLEASE READ)
On your post  topic can you clarify that this is for the LFS servers,  not Air Attack the game please
15€ sent Smile
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(01-12-2014, 11:09 AM)Mysteron link Wrote:On your post  topic can you clarify that this is for the LFS servers, Air Attack the game please

Yes, sry guys.. Will ask Delta to address this as soon get contact of him.
Thanks uytp7! Smile
15€ sent via paypal Smile
AA™| rane
Thank you very much.

Mysteron, I've modified the post and highlighted some areas to clarify that donation are for AirAttack LFS servers.
Thanks to everyone who have already donated! We approximately have enough to cover 1 year contract. If more follow, we can entertain the though of having prizes, S2 server or ... save the money for next year. 8)
Thanks Delta.

Is this still going on ? I can't help you right now but I have a summer job for August so I will be happy to send some money after payday.
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Currently we are paid until next year so there is no immediate need. Thank you for the offer!
Donations are always welcome.. In all silence we recently awarded Energy and Redbull with S1 vouchers for doing excellent job for the team. And thanks on that goes to JoRuss! Smile
And now i need give a kidney to joruss... ¬¬

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