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Donations (PLEASE READ)
Hi there!

Here you can donate some money, money that will be used to keep AirAttack Live For Speed servers online.
You can send the donation to a "PayPal" account to the following e-mail.

Every cent will helps us keeping the servers, if you do a donation please reply below so we can keep track of where the donation comes from, and so AirAttack Racing Team can thank you.

In the name of AirAttack,
Delta S4
Have sent £15.91 (approx €19.19)

£5.91 Remaining AirAttack funds after I paid for the servers for next 3 months
£10 donation from me
Thank you very much.
Donated £10. Happy to help Smile
AA™| Seven | thesagibbs | Matt Streeter
My Twitter | AA on Facebook!
Thank you very much.
20€ sent via paypal.
Looks like we've almost got enough for another 6 months already but keep 'em coming. Smile  Ideally, we'd be well placed to enter a years contract with the provider (better discount) in just under 3 months time. Anything left over could be used for competition prizes, S2 server, Assetto Corsa server (when multiplayer launched of course - our host is planning to offer that) or simply put towards next years costs.
Another 20 euro on their way via Paypal  Big Grin
And one more 20€ to the collection...

Voice of paranoia in your home.
[Image: ifdxjsM.png]
Thanks guys! 8)

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