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Introductions (tell a little bit about you)
so...there's no new about my return?  :-[
(12-30-2014, 04:33 PM)NA link Wrote: so...there's no new about my return?  :-[

Umm, i guess ur thread got vanished since new forums had been changed mate. Why not create a new app?
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(09-23-2014, 12:46 PM)NA link Wrote: Hello,

My name is Nuno Antunes, and i'm 21 years old and from Portugal, at the moment i'm back to LFS (FBM), i was inactive for a period, now i had a new job and i have more time to play LFS.

My wish on this moment its comeback to the team, but if the administration dont what's going on...  :-\
This was his kind of app,prasanth.
I suggest you to make a new thread with your app in FBM section aswell! Smile
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