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Introductions (tell a little bit about you)
Hello everyone,

I am Lohani from Kathmandu, Nepal. In the LFS world, I'm known as NGP Lohani, Fangs, etc. I've been racing in LFS since 2008. I enjoy racing in LFS and appreciate doing so in a sporting atmosphere where fairness, respect for others and healthy competition is encouraged. Off the racing track, I teach visual communication for a living. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, poking around in UI's of graphics applications, composing music, playing guitar, drums, the great game of cricket and sim racing and flying. I'm quite reserved by nature, but do well socially in small groups. I like cracking jokes and also love drinking, which usually leads to more joke-cracking.

Hope to see you on the track, but do forgive me if I don't talk that much, unless I'm kinda drunk. Peace ;D
Hey everyone,
I'm viraaj from italy.i'm 14 and LFS is my passion.I'm looking forward to join you all beacuse i found this team very friendly and serious at the same time.Smile
AA™| Viraaj[Image: isonline.viraaj5555.gif]
Heya ppl
my nick is WesleyPipes (or sometimes Jenna's creamipie), also keepitser (LFS reg.)
from Serbia
age 30
name Marko
with LFS from 2007 maybe, maybe from early beegining of developement of game...
Race only for pleasure, and i try to keep it clean, sometimes like to block in corners  ;D
mostly come here to AA servs, drive in last year only XRG

and wheres my man Jacq????? Havent seen him a long time  Big Grin
Hello guys , I'm  Prasanth (but pronounce it as prashanth) from India.I'm turning to 18 this year. I loved cars way too much (from my birth can we say? Tongue ) that i've been searching for car games all over the internet at once we've bought our first internet connection (a dial up) .

At one time i found this LFS game and downloaded it , played it on single player mode for abt 6 months, then when i was screwing up the options of the game, i found to play in multiplayer. First thing i did to check if it is multiplayer was - crashing a player and waited to see if he hits me too  ;D (good old kiddy times Wink ). It was a time of z26 or something? i forgot the name. Then came z28, where i enjoyed a lot.

I kinda loved the cruising server at that time. My first team was Universal Cruise (UC)  team. I had a great time there and got a lot of experience in LFS in there. Then when they got no money, they had to shut down and i was doing nothing for like months.

At some instance i joined MRc servers and learnt racing FBM and hopefully also joined the team Smile .I got developed in FBM racing a lot there. It was running good until when UC team came back . As per the MRc rule, i should not be a member of other teams if im in MRC. So they removed my rights and i started to play back in UC. (But population was not as good as before).

After some time there were no servers to excite me.. also it was the time when i started the last year of school. So i packed up LFS and started a lil bit to study like a good boy . Now i finished my school and however started to race again because of my friend. I knew AA and MRc servers are the top competitors even at that time , since i already were a member of MRc , i liked to gain experience over AA servers and the team. So i'm now playing here , until now it feels to be great here ; despite the fact there is less rush when it's morning in India.

Oh btw I had a Karizma ZMR bike (220cc , 17.6 BHP, 0-60 - 3-4 secs) on 2013 and enjoyed it thoroughly  rashing over little trafic places Smile 

and that's all about me Smile

Some pics of bike and me Smile :

[Image: 312g5lw.jpg]

[Image: 30vdk7s.jpg]

[Image: x10yhf.jpg]

[Image: 4kzqdl.jpg]

[Image: 2qwjw43.jpg]

[Image: jv585d.jpg]

Don't try to beat anyone else to go higher, just beat yourself Wink
[Image: 2e2q71f.jpg]        
I'm Ken. (aka Silver77, aka SilverArrows77, aka some dude that used to race with a high ping on [AA] AirAttack servers) I'm probably taller than you. I've seen JoRuss turn an FBM into a whirlwind! True story! I found LFS in 2005, and soon after that somehow ended up here. I now have some grey hairs.

I come from a land down under
Where beer does flow and men chunder
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover!

This was pretty much the last thing I have done in LFS.
nice to meet you man! hope to do some laps in rally with you soon  8)

My name is Nuno Antunes, and i'm 21 years old and from Portugal, at the moment i'm back to LFS (FBM), i was inactive for a period, now i had a new job and i have more time to play LFS.

My wish on this moment its comeback to the team, but if the administration dont what's going on...  :-\
(09-23-2014, 12:46 PM)NA link Wrote: Hello,

My name is Nuno Antunes, and i'm 21 years old and from Portugal, at the moment i'm back to LFS (FBM), i was inactive for a period, now i had a new job and i have more time to play LFS.

My wish on this moment its comeback to the team, but if the administration dont what's going on...  :-\

It is always possible to change the administration's mind if you actually start racing actively again (on our servers) Wink
"The administration" doesn't really exist these days. There are a few of us with slightly more extended rights on servers and forums, but we are first and foremost a group of friends and things are worked out together. Nobody is accepted into the team without everyone having a chance to have their say.

My opinion is the same as Fatal's. It's great that you're back and want to be part of the team again. But just like the first time you applied, you still need to demonstrate a preference for AA servers and get other members of the team to support you. So stick around, please, but don't expect everything to be handed to you right away.
Thank you guys,

I steel the same guy when i join to AA on 2012 ou 2011, i will play always on AA server's, i will get my past skill, i will be better than the past, I'll make you proud of me.

Let's race Smile

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