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Introductions (tell a little bit about you)
Hello, my name is Santtu and I'm an alcoholic.

Jokes aside, I'm 19 years old, from Finland  ;D. Apart from LFS, I go to school and play many other games. Sometimes I go to gym 2-3 times a week but haven't done that for a while now, maybe after the January rush is over, I might get back to that. I used to weigh like 125kg's back in 2010 or 2011 when I was 16-17, now I am down to 86-88kg, but I still have some to lose  8). I have no talents and I listen to a lot of music, can't say mainly anything, because I listen to a lot of metal (kinda see myself as a metalhead tho), a lot of dubstep (and quite a bit of other random EDM genres I don't know the names of...), a little bit of hip hop, some pop, maybe sometimes a little blues too. I can't name the rest, I listen to pretty much anything that sounds good.

My LFS history.. hmm, I downloaded this game back in maybe like 2005, but the computer I used was way too slow and I didn't even know how to get the car moving anyway. 2009 I had a better computer and at some point downloaded LFS again (actually, it was around the time when Maailman Nopein Kansa league for LFS was advertised on tv) and started racing a lot. There was 2 choices for me, as I'm not really a RallyX kind of guy, GTI or FBM and I instantly fell in love with FBM, because I felt it was more "my car" and a little bit more challenging Wink Also there were a lot of competition on it back then, nowadays it would be easier to find populated GTI servers I think. At the beginning I was shitty, only had history from Gran Turismos and the first Forza Motorsport, on the first day I think I reached 1:18's and slowly started improving, met people like Warrex along the way who was my idol driving constant 1.14's and some 1.13's and got his setup and started practicing on that. Also met people like Lokalhorst and Trema already back then and got their setups too. Those sets were too unstable for me back then and I remember I always tried 2-3 laps on those and went back to Warrex set and instantly improved my pb  :o. Over time I started editing the Trema's gearbox and I think I was one of the first guys using the gearbox using the gear ratios that are on the wr nowadays Tongue Sadly I don't remember any dates of my milestones, but my first 1:12 laptimes is still in my memories. I did 53.00 2nd sector and was like "damn, not a really good one" and had no pressure and banged my best sc3 by far ever at that point, 19.86! My first 1.12 was a 1.12.86 and I couldn't believe it, was so excited.. Funny to think it actually was a quite good laptime back then to almost anyone, now my online pb is 1.12.07 (and improving soon again I think ;P) and hotlap one 1.11.85... I am also about to reach a total of 50 000 laps online soon Smile At some point, I won a S2 lisence from MNK (the league I was talking about earlier) as they handed out like hundreds or thousands of those from pretty easy events at first. I was not really good on S2 cars though, so I just kept driving FBM on BL1, but at some point I got really in to hotlapping S2 and doing some open racing with random cars there (first FOX later FXR on AS3 and then some random driving on cargame) and I've done over 200 different hotlaps. After I got bored of that, I went back to FBM and also tried some GTI, didn't get too good at it at first, but later I tried it for once more, and actually got quite close to top with 1.32.46 hotlap Smile

Here's some games I used to play/still play that I think are worth mentioning because I've spent so much time on them: RuneScape, spent years on that... Crash Team Racing, Carmageddon 2, Gran Turismo (1, 2, 4), Forza Motorsport (1, 4), Tekken (2,3,5), Halo (especially the first one, 2nd one completed once), The Sims (1, 2, 3..), KKnD Extreme. Those are the ones I've played most I think, but there are a lot of more. Tongue

That's my small introduction, cya on track Wink Hope it wasn't too confusing.
Well, I think it's my turn  8)
Hello everyone, my name is Eugenio, I'm 18 years old and I live in Argentina!
I really like races of F1 and WRC. I started to play LFS just one year ago, only to drift (yes, I was a drifter) but then discovered the rally and I could not leave  :Smile . Currently I'm more oriented GTI racing since I want to try to improve in all aspects of LFS (perhaps see me in FBM coming), however, I haven't thought to stop driving in rally ;D
I love music, especially Metal (more oriented to metalcore) and Dubstep.
I do "voyages" with friends on a quad and must then let's dance to the disco on the weekends at night.
My time in the team is not much (since August) but nevertheless, I already feel like we're one big family. Smile
It's nice to know a little more about you and I think this forum will have a good future if we continue like this.
Greetings to all and see you in the track  Big Grin
Hi guys I'm 18 years old student from Finland. LFS has been part of my gaming history since 2009 and I've always enjoyed racing alot but unfortunately I don't have enough time to do league racing or any other 'serious' racing. You will find me often from cg s2 servers and our FBM servers (not as often as from s2 server).

I currently also play Heroes of Newerth and CS:GO so I'm not just playing LFS Wink.
Hi everybody.

Yet another Finnish member here ;D My name is Harri and I have been playing LFS since 2008. Still mostly playing only on demo side (and driving FBM) but we shall see what the future brings. Currently I study social sciences for the fourth year at university and hope to finally graduate next year. My other interests beside racing games like LFS include f.ex. collecting and watching movies, following passionately Formula One and music, where my taste goes wide range from J-pop to Eurovision Wink As a person I tend to be quiet and a bit reclusive at times yet on the racetracks I can unleash that wilder side of me (with fair and enjoyable way of course Big Grin)   
"This does not make any sense" - "Sense is highly overrated phenomenon"
  Hello all  Big Grin
I think everyone already knew me ..
I have 27 years old, I come from Polish and currently looking for a work (
Hmm what more .. my hobby is motorization, aviation, photographs, music ( and much more )
Cheers  Wink
AA™|Kashiko<br />[Image: polska-flaga.gif]
Hello everyone Smile

My name is Tiffany and I'm from America. Been on LFS since 2008 Smile.

Nice to meet you if we haven't met Smile
Hello guys, my turn:

My name is Milos Rankovic, I'm 27 years old, I live and work in Serbia, Belgrade. I finished faculty of physics and I'm now working in the institute of physics in Belgrade, as Phd student, as well as atomic physiscs scientist.

I play bass guitar in a live performing heavy metal band, but I never was metalhead. My other interests are road bicycle, electronics, competitive PC games like LFS and recently CS:GO. Ofcourse - the ladies are my sweet spot, if you know what I mean Wink

Started LFS in mid 2010, but had it since 2006. At the time I mostly played GTR2 and didn't like LFS for it's bad graphics Smile I just randomly found LFS folder at my HDD in 2010 and gave it another try. Tried the demo multiplayer and the rest is history.

See you on the track Smile
AA™| rane
Can I just say, when I first found out at we had disembarked the GenR ship, I was somewhat optimistic, feeling asthough the team was going to go south pretty quickly, however after spending a few weeks seriously in the team servers and regularly (as I can) posting and reading around the forums, I feel as though it has almost brought us together as a team that little bit extra, and this will definitely be a change for the better in the long run at least.

Now onto the stuff which most of you probably aren't particularly interested in, however I will give it my best.

As most of you will already know my name is Luke; I am 17 years young and due to be 18 in 36 days, hurrah!
I first started LFS more or less 4 years ago through people i used to race with IRL, and for the latter part of the game, I 'flippin loved it. Conveniently enough my first servers which I had the pleasure to experience where the AA servers, on the other hand 4 years ago I was in the peak of my devious youth, and enjoyed crashing more than racing haha.

After about 2 months of coming on to crash everyday I made a fortunate leap in the right direction when I discovered that I would use a PS3 pad, to race about with. This brought the game into a whole new perspective, and I was well on my way to setting competitive times, I was in heaven. After a few months of this it occurred to me that pad indeed is only useful for one thing.. open wheel racing. This is when I took up racing FBM in the MRc servers, and started getting on the pace and putting away some laps. Another year went by racing the FBM and I was in my prime, when I was offered a time in the converted FBM section of the MRc squad. This was a massive leap from being a solo racer jumping straight into being a Limad, personally I didn't enjoy my time with the team, as they are known for having slap dash servers and less than gentlemanly racing ethics. After about 7 months of racing with MRc my spell was up, almost forced out of the team for something I didn't commit. I had been set up.

Almost immediately after being dispelled from the team, my never say die attitude got the better of me and I invested in a Logitech G25 wheel, another unforeseen turn in my racing career, this is when I first started racing with the XFG in not just AA servers but an array of servers of all kind. 1 year had gone with the wheel and it had just decided to give up on me. (funny story behind it) when my wheel packed in so did I, I hung up my racing uniform and departed LFS and went to look for better games.

There is only so much LFS you can go without before you have to admit you are completely and utterly an addict and just have to get back to it, so after about 8 months of having no racing equipment, I chanced my fortune at seeing if the warranty was still in-tact for the wheel. My luck was in, and another month after messing around with customer services, I received a package, a certain smile came over me that only a young boy would get upon opening a package, it wasn't a new shiny G25, oh no. What I saw was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life, it was A G27 with a sorry note. That was it I was completely sold.

The wheel was installed immediately and I was back to my old roots, where I belonged. LFS.

Shortly after the racing career was re-viatalised I was offered a place in the BRT (Balkan Racing Team) at the time I was very excited to join as when I was with them, they were a popular and fast team and it just felt right, on the other hand, it occurred to me shortly after joining that hardly anyone fluently spoke my language which was a downer, however everyone did try and for a certain amount of months we got by.

After an attack from another team which stole %80 of the team, I was outraged and didn't feel like I belonged with this team anymore, so once again, I went back to solo. Another 6 months had passed and I was getting to the point where I felt like I needed to belong to a certain team, the best team that has ever existed in the history of LFS, and of course you all know the answer; AirAttack Racing. Ever since I started the game, the best team had always been AirAttack, and thousands of people have always aspired to join the team.

So after another month I managed to pluck up the courage to submit my application and then after 2 weeks, it was it. Fate, i had successfully joined the team, and with no team have I ever felt so comfortable racing.

And to sum it all up, this is where I have aspired to be, and this is where I am. Thankyou for reading.


P.S ( At college one of my courses is English literature, so I thought this maybe a good writing exercise ^_^

a:1:{i:0;s:78:"Last time I had this much fun... Some furniture got broken! - Jeremy Clarkson.";}
Nice intro lukey, nice to meet you a little more and nice words about the team.
I feel the same, AirAttack is my first team, and so far, everything has been great here  Smile
I'm not going to post anywhere near as much as Lukey, well played sir.

Hey, I'm Stephen, 18 (due to be 19 the day before Lukey turns 18, in 6 days time) and I've only been racing around a year if that. I've been watching Lukey race since he first got his wheel's up and running, and trying to use them myself to little avail at the time. The first race he ever set up for me was FOX@SO3 and that was where I started to understand the mechanics of how to badly slide a car round corners and crash into everything. There was a HUGE gap (three years or so) from the first time I tried my hand at racing and when I decided to competitively race. Now I'm in my first racing team, who push me to race harder and faster whenever I can, and I'm finding a little love for FBM@FE2R, but we'll see.

Outside of LFS I'm a Waiter and Barman at a Hotel (Not quite aerospace or mechanics) But I have done work in Engineering for Power plants in the past and am looking at becoming an Engineer of some description in the future (possibly). I enjoy almost all music, aside from dreadful rap. I play for my local football team, and also enjoy Tennis and starting to try golf, but it's a slow process. Anything else you;ll have to ask because my memory is shocking ;P

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