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Introductions (tell a little bit about you)
Hi there!

this topic is for introdutions and welcomes, feel free to talk a little lit about yourself.

Let me start...

My name is Sérgio Dias, i'm 30 years old and i'm from Portugal.
I love racing, always watching F1 or WRC, anthing that has 4 wheels and an engine, if my username doesnt ring a bell, i'll tell you where it comes from, it's a car from the 80's, A Lancia Delta S4, a Group B rally car 500+hp beast.
I´ll be second then!

My name is Jaakko Annala, soon 35 years and from Finland.
I´ve been a long time fan on LFS since 2003, but forgot the game for years until installed it again in autumn of 2010..
I love cars, tuning them - mentality being "no show, all go"! (no, they are not really that fast as cars are damn expensive here)
Hi guys  8)

I think you know me already - my name is Charlie from the UK Wink
I think I've done similar introduction several times, so let me have the luxury and copy/paste it this time Tongue
It's only 5 months old but it's still correct ;-)
So here it goes:
Ok, couple of boring facts 'bout me for anyone interested:

I'm in my mid 30's and I live in southern Poland. Couple of years ago I almost had my masters degree done but due to drastic shift in my interests during the college days (from electronics/measurements and control systems into IT/web developing) and lack of funds to pay for the final exams, I gave up on doing it after all.
At the moment I'm happily working as an IT/web subcontractor for another firm and do some small jobs on the side.

I came across LFS looong time ago... One day I've found there racing game cryptically called `LFS` and the young me (fluent through the years in racing screamers, toca races, carmageddon and NFS's) took the bite. Sadly for the poor old me it was too much of a challenge at that time. After failing to get past 2 corners with dark-red xfg 'round the BL1 without running out of tarmac I abandoned it and totally forgot its existence.... until... Well... lfs folder was (if I can trust my harddrive) created on 13th April 2006.
My old pc couldn't run most recent titles any more and with no money for upgrade I started searching for some racing game that still were playable. Quickly stumbled upon lfs and realised that it all seems somehow familiar
I almost immediately was drawn to #2 server, which was a bl2r combo at that time, and stuck there for a good percentage of my life (seriously, 6-10hrs a day for couple of years  )
Eventually I bought myself an S1 licence and, IIRC the same day, when I spoke with Silver77, it came out that he decided to surprise me with S1 gift voucher as well, which, in result, turned out into S2 licence 

Time went by, people came and went away, devs removed bl2r combo from demo and I briefly switched to fbm, but I found my new love for rally with xrg@bl2 when Airio was born and EQ needed some online lap data for testing.

Now I'm radically less addicted to racing. I added woodworking to the collection of my hobbies and since day has only 24hrs and work took a fair share of week, there's never enough time for everything.

I also enjoy long walks (I guess that comes with age), gazing at the stars and good British humour

Voice of paranoia in your home.
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Hello all,

My name is Luka Đurić, im 20 years old,  im from Croatia, been a member of AA for two years if im not mistaken (probably i am  ;D), love racing and cars, and thats why i started playing LFS in 2011 and soon after that joined the AA team, and guess what im still here Smile Student at the Marine Faculty of Rijeka, studying marine engineering (im all for the 100,000 hp and + engines, 90hp just dosent cut it for me  Wink)  Thats about it in a few short lines  Smile
[center]It is not always possible to be the best, but it is always possible to improve your own performance.[/center]<br /><br /><br />AirAttack On Facebook!

(tl;dr) I'm Matt (IGN: Seven). I'm the youngest member of the AirAttack team at 16 years old, I love music, gaming and technical-stuff Smile

(Expanded) My main aspect is my love for music, I play guitar, drums, piano and bass, I love metal and rock from mainly growing up on Guns N Roses and slowly developing my own tastes. Nowadays I listen to artists ranging from Ellie Goulding all the way to Slayer - (Ellie is an exception, you probably won't catch me talking about pop much! Tongue). I live in the cold West Yorkshire, been here for about 15 years after moving from my birthplace -Norfolk, Virginia in the America, yes I'm American!- and I enjoy riding my mountain bike around all over the place until I (hopefully) get a car as soon as possible after turning 17 in September. I also love technical stuff, I work as a freelance lighting designer in theaters and I'm currently studying Technical Theater as a GCSE at high school. I also love tinkering with computers and I'm interested in servers. So I also study IT, American West History and French (but not enjoying it...). I also enjoy graphics design, mainly Live For Speed skins and logo design. I also like running / assisting running game servers, namely Minecraft, Counter Strike: Source and Live For Speed.

Happy New Year, hope ya'll had a good Christmas and it's good to be back Smile
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Quote:Hi guys!

I'm Vadim (fnatic) from Lithuania, i'm racing LFS for 3-5 years, about 1 year and half racing in AirAttack team, i spent much time on Cargame.NL and AirAttack servers, i have seen most of you fast, great drivers online. This forum was recommended by my teammate RatRug, i hope to get some help if it needed, also join leagues,championship's and much more interesting things! :-)

Best wishes

the old one, ain't in mood to re-write new..
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Welcome all of you, hope more will come, welcome home.
Hello, My name is Orkun and I live in Turkey

I am an aerospace engineer and I enjoy my free time with playing LFS, and with other stuff Smile I can speak Turkish and English. And I'm very happy that, finally we've returned to our loved home  ;D

Kia ora, Vim here in little ol' New Zealand.

My parents named me Sean all those years ago, my father was racing formula V (a VW-based formula similar to Formula Ford) at the time, so that may explain my love of all things wheeled Big Grin

Due to an ill-informed cultural awareness, my LFS account is under the name shirtkicker. Talk about a brain-fart... oh well...

I like to develop textures and skins when I'm not driving and am currently (to the detriment of the long-promised GTi team skins) working on a complete re-texture of Blackwood circuit. For teh lulz  ;D

This is going to be a Good Thing, I know it - change is not to be feared, for without it there can never be potential.

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