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Membership Application - Kukuryk12 (declined)
Hey all.
I have 21 years old, im old player in LFS. I know what is important in race and i think i will be a nice admin Smile

My best lap 1.13.46
sefety :  equal 50-60 %

Im known player.
Other players likes me.

You have been banned for crashing and a lot of accounts banned for multi accounting. You want to say something about that?
Don't try to beat anyone else to go higher, just beat yourself Wink
[Image: 2e2q71f.jpg]        
Points for posting in the right section, minus points for not acknowledging the application process. And what Prasanths said. Wink
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Voice of paranoia in your home.
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Having seen you online myself Kukuryk, I have to decline your application on the grounds of inexperience. You still have a lot to learn about racing, and I don't just mean driving fast.

Keep yourself off the banlist - and your alts as well - and we'll give you another try when you're ready.

Thanks for driving on Air Attack servers.

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