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Ayrton Senna - reports
Problem: crash on purpose to Joylon Honestly
driver: ManiakG29 PL
replay name: maniak.mpr

Yep, foot to the floor all the way through. Looks like a classic revenge crash.

username maniak01 added to the ban list for 7 days.

@dombrovskp: For future reference, and to make it easier on the admins, the template is:

Offender's LFS Username:   (the back-end only works with usernames - press ctrl+shift to see usernames, works in replays too)
Description of the incident:  (no problems)
Replay / Screenshot link:     (no problems - bbcode can embed the link for ease of access if you want)
Replay timestamp(s):          (not as important when the incident is at the start of the race, but important for events taking place later in the race, and the admin might not want to watch the whole race...).

...but this is an excellent start. Keep in mind - Once your application is accepted, to begin with you will have Limad 2 privileges which will only allow you to ban people for a maximum of 12 hours, same as a vote ban. For more serious cases you will still need to report here if you feel they need a harsher penalty.

Thanks for the report  Wink
Username: juholehtonen
Incident: not respecting blue flags and then crash on purpose to lead driver (Kubica)
Replay time: starts at 2:30
Result: he gets ban from voting on server

Replay name: juho.mpr
 [Image: LTKxem.qr]

Vim: i fine with only 12h ban or kick, its enough for most people (99% time maybe Smile), for more i will upload replays to left judging on you.
Okay, well, deliberately sandbagging to wait for the leaders shows intent - reacts with insults and abuse when warned - crashes not just the leader, but the entire lead pack...

What Juho doesn't seem to realise is that offenses compound. So while a single incident will cost him a few days, a whole bunch all at once will see him banned for 2 whole weeks.

15 day ban for juholehtonen.

Thanks for the report Smile

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