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Membership Application - Ayrton Senna (accepted)
I can see that on AA historic server almost never has admins online and server is not in good condition then (crashers, blue flags, not using shift+s etc). This server can be much better place Smile

Im 24 years old and im from Czech republic

LFS Account name: dombrovskp
Racing name: Ayrton Senna
Desired racing name including the AA tag:  AA™| Ayrton Senna
Number of laps on AA servers: 547
Your safety rating: 94,28%
Your personal best(s): 1:12:25

Thank you Smile
Hi dombrovskp, welcome to the AA forum.

Thanks for your application - points for reading the guide first!

Looks like we have everything we need but the laps and a second - but then I look at your LFS career, and you've done 8674 laps total, so that's not a bad ratio, and the noted lack of admins on that particular server is known, somewhat forgiving the latter.

What else would you bring to the team in the way of skills and abilities, apart from driving? Anything creative or organizational you'd care to share? You don't need to if you don't want to, that's okay. If you just want to drive, that's cool too.

Over the 3 week application term, your best bet will be to make yourself useful by starting a report thread with replays of all the crashers and hackers you can find. Your judgement skills and diplomacy will both be observed, and if we feel your presence would be good for the team we can accelerate your application term. We'll wait a little while though, to see if any other team members have seen you around and want to add their views here as well.

One piece of advice: Go easy on the shift-s rule - it's a sim, and cars don't just disappear irl. Racing happens...

Good luck Smile
Hi, my suggestion is that I would suggest some minimal time needed to enter the server when no admin is online. Or any! Ex limit. As for the shift S, I understand it, I only mean those who do not use it at all or very late. Thank you
To be honest, there is no admin that can say if im good or not simply because no admin was online probably for 2 weeks, i saw only AA™|Katherine Legge and he raced with 2 race, twice spun out and then log out. Only admin with i raced was Speedy72, only he can tell who I'm as a driver. But for now i'm trying to help to new driver who comes on server to be better. Only.. i dont know.. admin? who is sitting there is Marshal and he is inactive and doing nothing, just sit. This server really need more care otherwise its dead. Real drivers, good drivers race only on MrC, where is full support and in control of admins. I have more than 5500 laps on MrC and to be honest every time i drove on AA (full MrC etc) everytime it was messy, without control od admins. - And this point of view is (dont take it as offensive as it sounds) my - as driver, who just want to drive and have fun with clean racing. On AA that was not possible.

As admin i want to take this server higher, not just as entry level to MrC - doing requested lap and go on MrC server - and go there.
Hello Smile
In my opinion, the MRC server is a good server, but it is often full.
Dombrovskp is a great player and admin candidate ... he is polite, he can explain to others how to play, how to ride and many other things that will help make AA server a friendly place.
He is so good, so kind and wonderful that even the Pope can confirm this.
Dombrovskp as an administrator? .... Excellent choice.
Thank you for your nice words. I can only say we have done many many laps together and without any problems. Thank you for your support. I hope that some admin will write something ?

Like most, you seem to bounce between the most populated server, whether it be AA or MRc. This is understandable, you want to be where the action is but as you've said there's rarely an FBM limad online. You've got great statistics and you seem to have only good intentions for our server. I'd like to hear from Speedy (who's active on the forums from time to time, we'll see) to see what he has to say since he's actually been online with you but I don't think it'd be a bad thing to have a few extra active limads online. Some of us -such as myself- only have time to cover the forums.

I'd say +1, but I can't personally back you as I've never seen you on the server personally, obviously, I'm the Forum Admin.

Best of luck!
AA™| Seven | thesagibbs | Matt Streeter
My Twitter | AA on Facebook!
Thank you Smile

I was online MrC server yesterday i think and i said him to check the forum, hope he will Smile Meanwhile already i have over 700 laps since my original post was written and i have 98% in RT but its hard sometimes when AA server is fully opened to everyone, not like MrC with !ex and PB time required to join. And yes, bouncing from server to server, searching for fun. I raced sometimes even with MrC admins on AA when they had empty server (gemini, school bus, WebSlave etc etc). And also i saw Katherine on MrC so i think everybody is searching for fun and action.

But as i said, i think only Speedy can tell, no admin spotted since i started play on AA server Smile

Lastly, thank you for your words and +1, i appreciate it.
Here's the twist: Marshal isn't just an empty node. He's my alt. I check in from time to time to see if everything is running smoothly, but of course I have the rest of my life going on at the same time, and can't be monitoring every minute of the day... and I have seen you racing from time to time...

What I saw this morning when I looked in was you (dombrovskp) and Pacorro (spelling? not sure...) plus a few others, but Pacorro was crashing and behaving generally poorly - and you didn't seem to pick up any of it... He rammed someone at the end of the straight and then abused them for, and I quote, "braking too quickly".

You might have seen Marshal's question to Pacorro at this time (maybe not - Pacorro didn't seem to), but I was getting ready for work and so couldn't do anything about it right then.

As an admin, you would also be responsible for resolving disputes - sometimes you need to stop and watch a replay to make sure people are getting their facts straight. If you had, you would have see that Pacorro was the one causing most of the trouble.

I saw your comment, "when I'm admin I will ban all these guys"  - this is pretty much the opposite of how we run our servers. AA is welcoming to new and inexperienced drivers, and there are going to be many incidents due to this structure. The most important thing for any admin is to be able to tell the difference between someone who loses control due to inexperience, and someone like Pacorro who has little regard for the rules.

Something to think about, anyway...

Thanks to Pelican for the reference - raced with him many times and trust his judgement, so that's a solid plus one Wink
I promisse when i will be ban i will check replays to solve things, now im not, but i know that one with Pacarro raced make some troubles too. With me too and others, include Pacorro once after start, so i saw it in mirrors. (Don't know his name now). So when i saw his comment i though he was the one who crached again. Didnt checked replay, but i dont have power to solve things so i often firstly say for example as this night, please respect blue flags, and if they dont respect, then vote for kick. 90% of people on this server are totally unexperienced and i have patient with them, but there are some rules. If i will be admin i will check replays when i will have weight on my shoulders to solve incidents in all fairness. I saw Marshalls response but i was too far and didnt see what happend, i reacted only on my experince with the guy included in crash with Pacorro. Thats my fault in this case.

Personally, i would suggest Pelican to admin too, if he wants of course. I have same opinion on Pelican as you, Vim. Good racer and nice guy.

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