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H-brake in FBM - joruss - 03-13-2017

Is it just my, or the handbrake in FBM hasn't been completely removed?

It is limited to a minimal value, but it still is there.
If you roll down the hill under 5kph you can still halt your car with it, bit more speed and the gravity overpowers the weak brake and you still gain the speed even with it on, but you slow down once you are on somewhat less 'hilly' terrain...

...which led me to a question, wouldn't it be beneficial to use h-brake anyway in brake zones? It does not impose any influence on handling, but from a limited test I think there's something to it.

This is the comparison between not using (left) and using handbrake (right). Same setup, same starting place, no manual gear changes, same braking point.

[Image: YQQdlhm.jpg]

I'm not the best person to test it out, but someone who has more consistency with lap time probably could benefit from it. :-)

RE: H-brake in FBM - Vim Fuego - 03-13-2017

That is fascinating, and definitely worth investigating...

I never used the handbrake at all myself, being that wheel buttons can be awkward cusses to find while the wheel is spinning. I've always wanted to figure out if there was a way to make a handbrake from some of the old steering-wheel parts I have laying around...

RE: H-brake in FBM - joruss - 03-14-2017

Yeah, but if someone is looking for 0.01 to gain, perhaps there it is :-)
Also please note that my exercise was braking from ~ 200kph to 0, while when you brake for corner you reduce speed to a lesser degree, so gains will be smaller. Nevertheless I thought I'd just put it to the world :-)

RE: H-brake in FBM - AOR Nova - 03-16-2017

Ebrake engages at <5kph.

Which corner on LFS is such low speed as that that Ebraking will help? Big Grin

And I myself hate the fact that LFS physics currently basically encourages the use of Ebrake to go faster (GTi, TBO, etc).
I shudder when I see a quick guy abusing HB - that isn't right even in arcade, let alone simracing.

"Do whatever you can do go faster, even if it's not realistic" is basically what LFS physics is at at the moment, and I can't bloody wait for the new physics to come out... (joy)

RE: H-brake in FBM - joruss - 03-16-2017

(03-16-2017, 06:56 PM)AOR Nova Wrote: Ebrake engages at <5kph.

Which corner on LFS is such low speed as that that Ebraking will help? Big Grin
Engages at any speed, but can overcome only about 5kph.