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Full Version: Urgent , needed USA Student's help here :D (Not anymore)
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Hello guys,
I'm buying this ( ) laptop from usa , and its 15% offer for USA students registered with ( )

As in title, im kinda in urgent. Please let me know if anyone could help me with this  Big Grin Heart 
That's a pretty machine. I hope you find someone to help you out. Smile
The offer is getting over in few hours, guess no 150$ save for me, but still im going for it! Big Grin
I'm not sure how many US players we have anymore - I think Tiff might have been the last American in our ranks...
Thanks , but i have already ordered one. I was not able to exactly order the one on link cuz of payment probs and offer expired, but i ordered this for 980$+Tax (had 20% discount) :
Lenovo Legion y520 :
i7 7700HQ
16 gb RAM
nVidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB
1Tb HDD + 128 GB SSD

pretty much the same but the only change is the nvidia 1050 Ti instead of 1060
Sweet deal - that should keep you going for a few years Smile

That's actually quite a good system for the amount of money...
Yea, i always expect value for money, its just maybe cuz im not rich enough lol
I've got this 7.1 surround headphone Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Feeling awesomee!! Sounds Awesome!! Big Grin
I'd congratulate as well but lenovo is known for abandoning old models. They stop releasing drivers compatibile with lastest OS revisions (kinda like printer vendors do) forcing users to either buy new model or switch to linux.

So just fingers crossed from me. Enjoy while it lasts ;-)
I'm taking faith in lenovo just because legion series is new.

Btw the 7.1 headphone (Logitech G430) is really aweeesommeee!!!
I thought its 7.1 is not going to be close to real speaker setup but It's effect is very very very very close to being in theatre :O , I can even hear 30Hz bass.
The only difference was, usually in theatre, when bass comes, my whole body feels it, with this headphone only my ears feel it (physical vibration)
OMG! My mind blown!

Will definitely recommend this to anyone!.
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